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Sanitation supplies and service experts for every product detail


We deliver the highest quality cleaning products within the industry. Our service and sales specialists lead Northern Ontario towards a cleaner and healthier future.


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Cleaners and Cleaning Chemicals

A comprehensive assortment of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to suit any need. We carry residential and heavy duty commercial applications with a variety of sizes, from 1 liter to 205 litres.

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Univar Mining Product 

Mopping Systems, Carts/Waste Containers

Rubbermaid, Continental and Vileda Professional headline our extensive and broad spectrum of waste containers and specialty plastic products. We have every available option. Don't see what you're looking for here? Email us with your request!


Disinfectants and Sanitizers

From inexpensive quat based germicidal cleaners, to industry-leading accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) offerings and healthcare grade solutions, we have all your disinfection and sanitizing needs that will not only satisfy the most stringent infection control protocols but in most cases exceed it.

Hand Cleaners and Sanitizers

GOJO, Purell, Diversey, Tork and Dustbane headline our extensive hand care line. Dispensing systems which range from bulk fill liquid options, to the latest in reducing cross contamination with GOJO/Purell's hands free technology give our clients a wide variety of choices to suit their facility's needs and ensure a healthy workplace.

Mops and Brooms

As our name states Thunder Bay Broom was founded on just that making brooms... And although we no longer hand manufacture the brooms, we have scoured the globe to ensure the best possible solutions in this category. Vileda Professional's lineup of healthcare grade specialty microfiber mop heads and handles are the industry standard.

Hard Floor Cleaners

Our environmentally friendly floor products provide value conscious cleaning for stone floors, laminate, and everything in between. Our floor care programs for stripping and waxing offer every solution available. We have low maintainance/ low cost programs, to the highest end products used in your favorite retail establishments.

Garbage / Recycling Bags

Our can liners offer ranges up to 3x the strength to cover everything from small office containers, to restoration clean ups where excessive amounts of heavy, sharp items are disposed. 

Odor Control

Cat urine? Dumpster issues? Restaurant related scent issues? Simply covering these odors with scent is not the solution. Our lineup of products has been tested in-house to ensure the solutions actually address the true problem that are inherent with these odors.

Carpet Care

We carry an assortment of deodorizing powders, extraction cleaning chemicals and stain removing products that will keep your carpets and investments in excellent condition. We also carry equipment solutions on our equipment page to assist you in accomplishing your carpet maintenance goals.

Laundry and Dish Detergents

High efficiency and commercial laundry machines and laundromat products for resale. Our dishware lineup has our household product options in liquid and powder available in bulk sizes to minimize cost to high volume users such as institutions, healthcare facilities and hotels.

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