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Chemical lines that 
save on your costs, and
the environment.

Working alongside industry leaders, we distribute the highest quality, technologically driven & environmentally conscious chemical lines that save our clients on costs, introduce innovation and provide simply the best value in the category.

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Water Treatment

Northwestern Ontario has a great need for NSF certified products to ensure exceptional water quality for our consumption. There is not a product used in Northern Ontario that we don't carry within our inventory to properly service our clients.


Trouble finding a supplier with stock? Bulk quantities and concentrated versions of high quality chemicals from world renowned manufacturers such as Dow Chemical. Call us today to solve your problem in one conversation.


We carry Propylene and Ethylene Glycols for Heat Transfer and boiler systems in quantities ranging from one gallon, to 45 gallon drums. Concentrated 100% pure versions as well as 50/50 blends are common products we supply all over the region.

Dust Control and Ice Melters

Our ability to provide bulk options for our clients needs in this category are regionally unmatched. We carry an extensive inventory with products ranging from rock salt, to calcium chloride and magnesium chloride for the truly environmentally conscious customer seeking a pet safe, and plant/garden/concrete friendly option.

Swimming Pool Products

We have residential and commercial solutions in stock for your facility or swimming pool maintenance needs.

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